There are potentially large numbers of workers, including self employed trades people, involved in notifiable non-licensed work (NNLW) with asbestos, who will now be required to have medical surveillance for the first time. At present, however, there is only a small and limited network of Doctors, who are familiar with asbestos and asbestos-related medicals. The transition period is designed to allow the development of a larger network.

After April 2015, if a job is NNLW, it must be done by persons who have had a medical examination inline with the requirements in the law. This consists of a chest examination and a test to check lung performance. These medical examinations may be offered privately for a fee by GPs and by other medical professionals including Drs appointed by HSE for the licensed worker’s medical examinations.

The existing requirements for workers involved in licensed work with asbestos to have medicals, conducted by Doctors appointed by HSE, remain the same.

A licensed worker medical will be acceptable for NNLW, but not the other way round. Certificates of examination should be retained in case requested. MS34 gives more details.